standedge visitor centre

Standedge tunnel visitor centre  

Britain’s longest canal tunnel, built in 1811, restored for boat trips, plus cafe and exhibition. 

Approximately 5 miles away 

Standedge and the Diggle Hotel

The Diggle Hotel and Standedge Tunnels have a lot in common dating right back to the origins. The tunnel itself is the longest and deepest canal tunnel in Europe. It was built between 1793 and 1811 during the height of the canal transport in England. Built under the hills of the Pennine national park, the tunnel is three miles long and was built only 7ft wide without any tow paths running along the edge of the canal. During this time the horses that pulled the canal boats would walk over the hills via Boat lane stopping for a drink at The Diggle Hotel. When first opened the men on the narrow boats used to leg through the tunnels to meet their horses in Marsden.   

During the construction of the tunnel, workers from the Diggle end would stay over night in the Diggle Hotel 

The term legged, meant that the men on the boats would push their way through the tunnel from the side of the boat. The trip taking approximately 4 hours would give time for their horses to walk over the hills along Boat lane, and meet the boat in Marsden at the other end of the tunnel.  

Today, Marsden hosts the visitors centre to the tunnels & the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. The centre hosts trips through the canal tunnel on motorised boats, and a Watersedge café to complete a great day out.  

Visitor centre

The Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre offers guided boat trip tours on a fully accessible glass topped boat trips that will take you right the way through from Marsden to Diggle at 10:00 or from Diggle to Marsden at 13:00. Alternatively, you can also enjoy shorter trips into the tunnel from Marsden. The visitor centre tells the story of the tunnel including the restoration after a period of closure to create a unique visitors attraction including child’s play area, soft play and wildlife garden. The Visitor centre is also capable of hosting private parties and weddings creating a unique area for your special photos to be able to remember the day.

standedge tunnel

Standedge tunnel visitors centre